Sharing is Caring: Single Origin Coffee at The Old Bean

Sharing is Caring: Single Origin Coffee at The Old Bean

One part of roasting specialty coffee that we enjoy most is sharing premium grade single origin coffee with locals and tourists alike. Over the last couple of weeks, we have had the privilege of featuring our organic single origin – Colombia, San Sebastian – up the road at The Old Bean (formerly, The Good Bean).

Sunny Coast locals and specialty coffee drinkers from around the world have frequented this Mooloolaba institution for many years and engaging in a partnership such as this is truly an honour. The baristas at The Old Bean have scored some amazing coffee too.

San Sebastian, Colombia

The San Sebastian farm has a reputation for producing high quality coffee utilising sustainable farming and processing methods. The resulting cup is clean and balanced with medium berry-like acidity.

The Santander region, where this plantation is located, is blessed with a high altitude (1,850 m.a.s.l.) and a favourable microclimate for growing coffee. This means the farmers can grow, harvest and process a fine specialty coffee while preserving the biodiversity of the natural environment.

As well as being Organic, this coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified and shade-grown. This method is known to be easier on the environment and no flora or fauna are impacted negatively.

Once the cherries are hand picked, they are washed using innovative methods that greatly reduce water contamination and consumption. The process this coffee went through is known as Semi-Washed. After some or all of the skin and pulp of the fruit has been removed, the beans are sun-dried with the outer layer (mucilage), which results in a cup with added body.

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Why We Love It

With sweet red berries coming subtly through the definitive notes of chocolate, this delicious Colombian coffee suits our tastes perfectly – especially as a black coffee.

By choosing to roast and sell this coffee we also feel better for supporting the Santander region’s social and economic development, as the farm fulfils all the requirements for the UTZ certification.

To top it off, an Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification makes this coffee the complete package for anyone who is passionate about coffee and sustainability.

Enjoy the sweetness and balanced acidity of the San Sebastian, now at The Old Bean!


Image courtesy of CIAT CC BY-SA 2.0


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