This program is incredibly special for a few reasons. Nariño has the highest altitude at which coffee is grown which also means temperatures are quite low. This results in a slow maturation of the cherries which ensure higher levels of sugar in the coffee. Another amazing factor that makes this coffee unique is the rich soil in Nariño. Unlike many regions in Colombia, Nariño’s soils are extraordinarily rich in volcanic ash which is mainly due to the high volcanic activity in the area. Typically, volcanic ash soils contribute to a much healthier nutrition and higher complexity in the cup. Finally, Nariño has a unique climate pattern. For most times of the year it is very humid, and rainfall can be quite intense. Amazingly every year precisely during harvest time the sunshine comes out which creates the best conditions to pick, process and dry coffee. This is why Nariño coffees are considered to be amongst the best in Colombia by many coffee professionals around the world.


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FARM: Collection of smallholders of farms smaller than 1.5 acres
REGION: Nariño
ALTITUDE: 1.700 – 2.200 m.a.s.l.
VARIETY: Caturra and Castillo
RAINFALL: 1.600 – 2.000 mm
CUPPING NOTES: Candied orange, butterscotch

7 reviews for VOLCÁN

  1. Shawn McEwan

    I came across this bean from my wife buying 3 types from you for my birthday. I now get it delivered to Ipswich, very quick dispatch and delivery (cheaper than many of the “upper-tier” varieties available from the supermarket), incredibly fresh beans every time and the flavour is always incredible. Thanks for making and sustaining beautiful coffee.

  2. Alex Rodopoulos

    5 Stars! I have also tried the El Jardin and San Sebastian variety, both of those were lovely too, but this one gets first prize for me. The Candied orange and butterscotch notes are subtly present and are lovely. Highly recommend this one, you wont be disappointed!

  3. Anthony Flynn

    I don’t want to tell you all how good this is, you will all rush out and buy it. I like my coffee white and my wife likes hers black and both of us love this. We have had 3kg’s now and are going back next week for more.

  4. Maria Zoneff

    Excellent coffee beans, that I order online. I live on the Gold Coast and the order arrives within 2 days. It is ready to use, the bag has a stamp with the roast date.
    Volcan makes a strong espresso with a slightly sweet flavour! Thank you Daniel and team for great service and high quality coffee!!

  5. Brendan Vowles

    Nice strong flavour. Was looking for a great morning coffee and found one. Thanks.

  6. George B

    Possibly my new favorite bean. DELICIOUS as short black or mixed with milk. A very smooth blend indeed, and packed with flavor!!

  7. Michael

    I do love the fat mule but volcan is really something special. Now my every day coffee, it ticks all the boxes for flavour and leaves a beautiful after-taste that lingers.

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