Our house blend is a perfect balance between a natural processed Brazilian coffee curated and selected carefully by us based on the season, and a selection of our top three Colombian washed coffees from our favourite farms. The result after a careful roast for each profile is this all time favourite, sweet and smooth coffee, a mouthful of milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel.

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FARM: A selection of our three favourite Colombian farms and one Brazilian rotating seasonal origin
REGION: Huila, Nariño, Santander
ALTITUDE: 1.400 m.a.s.l. to 2.200 m.a.s.l.
VARIETY: Caturra, Colombia, Topaz
PROCESSING: Natural and Washed
CUPPING NOTES: Milk chocolate, walnut and caramel.

34 reviews for HOUSE BLEND “THE FAT MULE”

  1. Chris

    Delicious, best coffee Ive had on the Sunshine Coast

  2. Blake

    This Blend is outstanding in both milk and espresso/black. Very skillfully roasted

  3. aMANDA


  4. Jim McGinty

    The best coffee anywhere

  5. Ann-Marie

    Awesome coffee and also amazing service.

  6. Jack

    Beautifully smooth and creamy. Makes being an at home barista easy!

  7. Anna Mulligan

    The best coffee! Lovely to have a little bit of mooloolaba Delivered to my home in nsw!

  8. Rowie

    This coffee is amazing ! So thankful i can get it delivered to injune qld!

  9. Melanie Maytham

    The Best cofFee beans! Have been ordering for DELIVERY after visiting whilst on holiday over a year ago! Love the coffee and love the coffee shOp! 5 starS all the way 🙂

  10. Alan Hui

    good coffee

  11. Bek

    Best coFfee going around, we order whole beans and have them DELIVERED to Gold coast for a good 3 years now, SeRvicE is always amazing and delivery is so quick and easy.

  12. Frank mcginty

    Great coffee roasted with the unbeatable combination of quality, expertise and love.

  13. Al

    I’Ve had coffee in Melbourne, london, paris, hong Kong – all over the world, and i had previously rated monmouth coffee in London as mY favourite.
    Move over – we have a new #1.

  14. Bay

    This is hands do my fave coffee. We live in brisbane but Always opt to buy from the CC Co because it’s that good. We make as Espresso with milk or in black using our delter coffee press.

  15. Kim

    We have moved from the coast to toowoomba and we can’t live without our favourite coffee beans so delivery every 3 months is our next best option. just great. thank you

  16. Lesley Lamond

    Great coffee…makes me get out of bed 😊 I buy online..always prompt deliveRy.

  17. Al

    My favour coffee from anywhere in the woRld.
    Paris, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, noThing surpasses it.
    And the ease and speed with which it is Delivered means im never without my fix.
    Get on it!

  18. Chad Maidment

    Amazing bean, beautifully roasted. Nice little reminder of when we lived on the Sunny Coast.

  19. Linda delamotte

    Beautiful coffee, easy ordering online, and they arrived within days. What more could I ask for!

  20. john

    Just enjoying our fat mule coffees which are full of flavour and body. a great coffee roast

  21. Linda

    BeAutiful coffee that we Order regular becausE it is so good

  22. Lesley

    Have this brew delivered to us in the bush…great coffee!

  23. Preetha Thomas

    I’m a very happy regular customer. Have been ordering this Beautiful coffee for the last two years.

  24. svenson shanan

    Great coffee

  25. Stephanie

    The BEST! We don’t drink anything else. Delivery is aLways suPer fast, and we love supporting local.

  26. Nicol Thomson

    I BOUGHT the house blend- fat mule for my COFFEE snob MELBOURNE DAUGHTER. She loved it, so i NOW get it shipped here esp for her!

  27. David Stinson

    We use this blend in our mobile coffee trailer, always receive compliments about how good it tastes (apol for caps lock)

  28. Leanda Garvie

    Excellent coffee beans and fantastic, PERSONALISED service. Thank you

  29. Leanda

    wonderful coffee, thank you!

  30. Linda Delamotte

    Beautiful coffee, and I Iove that I can subscribe to have my beans arrive every week. I just set up the order and the beans keep coming. A coffee lovers dream!

  31. Marcia Thomas-Smith

    Ordered on line and received within days. Thumbs up. Loving the fat mule coffee beans. 5 stars from me.

  32. Heidi O’Connor

    The best coffee hands down! I’ve been buying from Colombian Coffee since they opened and have never had a bad coffee. The best service hands down!

  33. Adam

    The best coffee blend I’ve ever had and amazing service! I moved away from the Sunshine Coast and continue to get it delivered because nothing else compares.

  34. Brittany

    Best coffee on the sunshine coast

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