The “too cold – too hot, too strong – too smooth” paradox

The “too cold – too hot, too strong – too smooth” paradox

Let’s face it – some people are just fussy. It’s part of our human nature to prefer the coffee extra hot, not too hot, with one sugar, with one and a half or two, or just sweetener, or only raw sugar. Some of us will only like one brand of soy or almond milk and others will only enjoy their coffee in certain cups or glasses. Last week, for example, I made two coffees for a couple. Both small flat whites, with shots from the same basket and milk from the same jug, brought out at the same time, in the same cups. Surprisingly, one of the coffees was “too watery”, the other was “spot on”.

How to prepare for that it still a mystery to me – not only as a marketing professional but also as a Barista. It is perhaps one of the biggest customer service challenges to ensure that the complete experience in our shop consistently meets the highest standards while properly considering the variable subjective factor.

Instead of trying to explain that the coffees were the same, I just replaced the one that tasted “watery” to ensure that she was able to enjoy her coffee exactly as she likes it. The effort put a smile on her face. She has been back twice since then and has brought some friends with her. All of them have very particular ways of ordering their coffees. It does take more time to make them but that’s all included in the price!


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