Honest marketing and coffee.

Honest marketing and coffee.

The concept of honest Marketing goes beyond publicity. The idea of being sincere and transparent in the way we communicate with our customers should become the driver behind doing business in the coffee industry, an industry where there is no room for misleading communication, overpromising or efforts aimed at selling products or services that are not a reflection of the truth.

Let us all – coffee shop owners, green coffee brokers, roasters, traders and all coffee people – strive to ensure that the image we create in the mind of our customers about our products and services matches the reality of the products and services we deliver. Let’s call specialty coffee only those beans that have been graded as such, let’s call ourselves roasters only when we actually roast our beans, let’s acknowledge that it is alright to make mistakes and apologise, let’s not be afraid of admitting that we are working towards getting better at what we do. It has been proven that atoning for mistakes in a sincere way when doing business, results in better consumer engagement than not making any mistakes at all.

For example, here at The Colombian Coffee Co. I make most of our food every day at 5:00 am before opening. I have never done that before but I know what nice good tastes like; I put enough effort behind sourcing good quality ingredients and making everything as if I were going to eat it myself at home with my wife. The result is not always consistent, and let’s face it, my sandwiches look as if they were made by a child! However, they are very tasty and are already starting to become popular. People come in asking for a couple of tasty ugly buns. Fair enough.

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