From Cupping to Roasting la Noreña

From Cupping to Roasting la Noreña

We value our customer’s opinions just as highly as fellow specialty coffee roasters and other industry experts. That’s why we let those who attended our cupping night last month decide what our next featured single origin will be.

If you didn’t happen to come along, we showcased four high quality single origin beans from the most reputable farms in Colombia. These were cupped, discussed and compared to make the decision.

What is Cupping?

Put simply, a coffee cupping is the litmus test for coffee. Just like tasting a bottle of wine at a restaurant, any defects affecting the flavour and bouquet of the coffee are usually quite noticeable during a cupping.

As there are quite a few variables from crop to cup, such as incorrect processing, storage and roasting, cupping is an essential test to identify the quality of the beans and the roast. It’s also a fun and social way of getting passionate coffee drinkers together, talking about what they love in a cup.

The exact method produces a consistent brew and is quite simple to replicate. Once the samples have been brewed and cooled to room temperature, they are smelt, slurped and tasted with the aim of evaluating:

  • Aroma
  • Flavour
  • Aftertaste
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Balance
  • Sweetness


The Winning Coffee: la Noreña

Cañón del Combeima

It’s no mean feat choosing a coffee that stood out from the bunch but the la Noreña took the pick for being the tastiest. The unmistakable yet mellow citrus bouquet and sweet tangerine characteristics are carried by a smooth body to yield a balanced and fruity cup.

This estate-grown coffee of the Caturra varietal comes from the Tolima region. The high altitude farm (1,700 – 1,740 m.a.s.l), has the Nevado del Tolima volcano to thank for its rich soil and year-round microclimate. Subdued sunlight and pristine water cascading from the Combeima canyon river creates perfect conditions for growing outstanding coffee.

The harvest is hand picked, naturally pulped and fermented for 24 hours before being washed and dried on suspended beds under a marquee. This is classed as a fully Washed process.

As always, we have paid close attention to the roasting of this bean – giving the farmers of this spectacular coffee the respect they deserve. And it’s a tasty batch!

Coffee as good as this doesn’t last for long so stay posted and try it for yourself when it’s in the hopper next or buy a bag for the office or home.

Image courtesy of Edgar Jiménez CC BY-SA 2.0

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