Consistent high quality every time?

Consistent high quality every time?

It is fascinating to hear stories from new customers when you work in a coffee shop. Some tell us about how they used to love another place until coffee started being inconsistent, or until the Barista changed, or until they stopped making their flat whites extra hot, or until someone served them a bitter cup, or until they changed their soy brand, to mention but a few reasons for their urge to switch out.

Now, when asking them if they fed that back to the staff when it happened, most would say they did not. They just decided to vote with their feet.

Making good coffee consistently is an art form that requires full control of a number of variables such as temperature, timing, dosing, bean quality, milk consistency, proper grinding, correct bean storage and skilled Baristas. On top of that, when beans are roasted on site, many other variables come into play such as weather, airflow, humidity, etc. For example, occasionally – even after putting proper controls in place- it is inevitable for one single bean that was over or under roasted, to make its way through the grinder and end up in the cup. It can make the coffee bitter or taste grassy, or sour. It is beyond control to prevent it from happening and in most cases is just a matter of time.

An invitation to all our customers: if that happens to you, just let us know and we will amend it straight away. Give us a chance to fix it and make you the perfect cup before you go elsewhere. Now, if it happens all the time, definitely we deserve to see you go.

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